Graduate Housing News Briefs

News Briefs Type Publication Date
Football Kick Off Party 9/4 Apartments 08/29/2014
254 Pizza Dinner Apartments 03/31/2014
Hall of Graduate Studies - Window Survey Dormitories 03/14/2014
HHH Gym Closed Dormitories 10/09/2013
Esplanade Yard Sale Apartments 04/29/2014
Before Leaving for the Winter Break General 12/17/2013
The Esplanade Yard Sale has been postponed to next Saturday, May 24, due to rain. Apartments 05/16/2014
Fire Extinguishers, prevention and safety General 02/03/2014
HHH Flight Trampoline Park 9/14 - Sign Up General 09/10/2014
Floor Waxing in HHH Dormitories 08/14/2014
Daylight Saving Time Begins March 9th - Set your Clocks Ahead One Hour General 03/06/2014
Temp IDs Must Be Returned by Friday 9/5 Dormitories 09/02/2014
Book Drive and 5K General 04/05/2014
Holiday Schedule General 11/25/2013
Mansfield Apartments - Filter Replacement Apartments 04/09/2014
HHH Upcoming Events Dormitories 09/27/2013
HHH Study Break Dormitories 04/29/2014
Upcoming Events - For Kids and Adults General 12/04/2013
2014 Commencement Activities at HGS Dormitories 05/16/2014
Hot Soup Potluck Apartments 02/06/2014
Bus Schedule to Lyman Orchards 9/13 General 09/11/2014
HHH Welcome Breakfast/Orientation 8/25 Dormitories 08/20/2014
Helen Hadley Hall Roof Repairs Dormitories 03/07/2014
Dining Hall Now Serving Hot Breakfast Mon-Fri General 09/02/2014
Bus Trip to Trader Joe's General 04/02/2014
Yale Graduate Housing Office Holiday Schedule and Winter Preparation General 11/25/2013
Whitehall Spring Egg Hunt Apartments 04/09/2014
HHH Housekeeping Tips Dormitories 09/23/2013
254 Prospect St. End of the Year BBQ Apartments 04/29/2014
Winter Exam De-Stresser! Dormitories 12/08/2013
Whitehall Community Garden Apartments 05/20/2014
HGS Fire Alarm Testing Dormitories 02/10/2014
Whitehall Afternoon Tea 9/19 Apartments 09/16/2014
Welcome (Back) to HGS, Sat 8/23 Dormitories 08/20/2014
Helen Hadley Hall - Bathroom Repairs Dormitories 03/07/2014
Bus Trip to Trader Joe's General 03/26/2014
Day Trip to New York City General 11/13/2013
Whitehall Apartments Exercise Equipment Apartments 04/10/2014
Upcoming Events Apartments 11/26/2013
Lawn Concert Study Break Apartments 05/02/2014